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Universal dish brush with a practical scraper located on the edge of the brush. Made of 100% recycled materials.






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We minimized the use of materials to reduce the environmental impact.

The set of two dish brushes is designed with 100% recycled polypropylene and nylon, which makes it a great choice for every household and the environment. Universal grey coloring fits every modern kitchen. The dish brushes enable gentle, yet effective washing of dishes, pots, plates, and pans.

— the core of the brush is produced entirely from recycled polypropylene
— highly durable nylon bristle enables easier scrubbing
— convenient scraper efficiently removes dirt
— enables cleansing of dishes, pots, pans, and other cookware
— does not absorb moisture and dampness
— ergonomic handle ensures comfort
— the hole in the handle enables you to hang the brush
— universal grey coloring fits any interior style

Pantone® 532 C
C71 M65 Y64 K72

Pantone® 424 C
C52 M41 Y38 K20

Pantone® 420 C
C18 M13 Y10 K0

Pantone® 000 C
C0 M0 Y0 K0

⸺ Recycled regranulate

The product belongs to the MIX GRAY line, which was created to protect the natural environment through conscious production management. The accessories included in it are produced in a closed circuit.

⸺ Hygiene

The bristles do not absorb moisture, so they do not rot and reduce the risk of fungi and mold formation. Useful for pre-cleaning dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

⸺ Durability

Durable 100% nylon bristles adapts to the surface and returns to its original shape, becomes more flexible under the influence of warm water, does not scratch!

⸺ Design

Original, modern, timeless design. Colors in harmony with nature, kept in earthy tones.

⸺ Ergonomy

Ergonomic handle, comfortable grip, fits perfectly into the hand.

⸺ Materials

The handle is made of 100% PP regranulate, which means as much as 86% recyclate in the entire product!