New door line for IZOMET

The new line of IZOMET doors is distinguished by its consistent, minimalist design, a wide range of individual technical solutions, and the possibility of using SMART solutions. The door can be freely individualized using embossing and painted in any color from the RAL palette.




2021 / 2022


3D modeling
Visualizations / Rendering

Thanks to modern production methods and the highest quality materials, the IZOMET doors are reliable and durable.

— increased acoustic insulation through the use of non-standard door leaf filling, e.g. with mineral wool,
— hinges with VX adjustment (so-called 3D),
— adjustment of the door frame width to the wall width,
— additional security measures adapted to the specificity of the facility, e.g. impact-absorbing cassettes,
— additional equipment in the form of e.g. anti-panic handles, door closers hidden in the door frame,
— integration of SMART solutions – monitoring of passages, opening using a fingerprint, additional emergency lighting, and sound signals.

The new line of doors and frames is distinguished by a common stylistic line and recognizable minimalist design; additionally, it can be individualized with embossing.
Embossing performs several functions such as:
— decorative function (decorative patterns can be embossed on the door)
— information function (infographics or numbers can be embossed on the door)
— strengthening the surface of the door leaf by additional profiling of the sheet metal using embossing.

RAL 7043
Traffic grey B

RAL 7035
Light grey

RAL 9003
Signal white

RAL 1018
zinc yellow

⸺ Acoustic insulation

Increased acoustic insulation through the use of non-standard filling

⸺ Adjustable

Adjustment allows you to adjust the door frame to different wall dimensions. VX adjustable hinges.

⸺ SMART solutions

SMART solutions such as anti-panic handles, door closers hidden in the door frame, or door monitoring

⸺ High security

Locks with emergency exit function to ensure a high level of security

⸺ Heat resistant

Increased resistance to high temperatures